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Federico Zanni – “A Cold” Shoot Starts This Week

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Everything seems to be coming together (can’t believe I said that) and shooting is scheduled to start at the end of this week! Rock. it.



Courtesy of Christian Howard


Federico Zanni – The Making Of A Cold

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Fed is extremely excited to announce that one of his scripts, titled ‘The Making Of A Cold’, is being developed into a short film and produced by the ASC (Actors Screen Collective), which Federico joined last year. Fed will also be co-directing (together with Christian Howard) and appearing in it. Katrina Cooke will be starring as ‘Laura.

This is how Fed likes to describe the film (mainly to himself, as not many people have asked him, so far):

‘The Making Of A Cold’ is a spoof of the classic ‘The Making Of..’ format,  so a mockumentary about an imaginary film called ‘A Cold’. The title also parodies the common English expression ‘the makings of a cold’, which describes the preliminary stages or the onset of a cold. So, consequently, the imaginary film ‘A Cold’, is nothing but the story of a girl who gets progressively more ill, because of a cold.

‘The Making Of…’ consists of a series of interviews with the cast and crew of ‘A Cold’, interspersed with ‘behind the scene’ footage and also clips from the film ‘A Cold’.

All the way through the interviews, the cast and crew talk about and describe their experience of the shoot, often referring to aspects of acting and film making using the same language and terminology which are normally associated with colds and ailments. There’s also the surreal element of these actors and film technicians talking about something they believe to be utterly innovative and ground breaking, and the reality of the clips which show the extremely mundane scenario of a person getting a cold. 


A bit more about the ASC:


All the actors involved with the ASC are driven by the desire to achieve the highest calibre of screen acting and are determined to develop both their artistic and technical abilities for screen.

A major focus of the ASC’s work is to reinvigorate the creative relationship between all the people involved in bringing film to life. Happily, lots of new and established writers, directors and editors were enthusiastic about the aims of the group and contributed their time and skills to this endeavor and all 8 films were shot between February and April 2010.

Two more films are now underway. The first will see the group collaborating with a writer from the initial character creation to finished film and the second will be achieved by inviting a writer with a finished script to realize their work with the group.

We aspire to be a valuable resource for all those working in the film industry.


Rare picture of Fed at work (with Verity Martin and Gertrude Thomas).


Federico Zanni Joins Legal Aliens – Il Ritorno

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Federico is delighted to join Legal Aliens Theatre Company for the English premiere of Sergio Pierattini’s “Il Ritorno”.

Legal Aliens have been working on the first ever English translation of the play and are now in rehearsals. More details coming soon!

The play is based in part on on-site research conducted by Pierattini in Bergamo, a city that has experienced rapid change as a result of industrialization in the 1960s and 1970s. Pierattini interviewed newly wealthy locals in the gentrified suburb of La Malpensata and recent immigrants in the centre city neighbourhood of Via Quarenghi; the complex picture that emerged is reflected in the play, prompting critic Rossella Battisti to describe the playwright as “a sensitive narrator of small, contemporary tragedies” (L’Unita, 2008). While the play’s given circumstances arise from a specific Italian context, British audiences will likely see parallels with contemporary life in the UK as they discover a darker, less-familiar side of Italy.

Federico plays the role of The Brother.


Federico Zanni, Anna Elena Pepe and Elena Mazzon

Anna Elena Pepe, Jean Paul Dal Monte, Lara Parmiani and Federico Zanni